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Education aims at the development of 3Hs – Head, Heart and Hand. Proper development of these 3 Hs helps the students to become complete human beings. P.D.S. Chesterfield said: “The knowledge of the world is only to be acquired in the world, and not in a closet.” Each child is unique and has areas of interest and talents. The club activities provide another opportunity to explore and develop skills in a variety of exciting areas. The clubs are organized throughout the session from grade III onwards under the supervision of experienced teachers.

IT Club

The IT Club prepares students for Cyber Olympiad, arranges smart classes and upgrades competencies and skills to support the new learning environment.

Literary Club

The Literary Club aims at developing reading skills, handwriting, and increasing vocabulary by organizing calligraphy activities, dictation, word games, storytelling and library activities. It also develops drama and communication skills by preparing the students for skits, street plays, role plays, and presentations. Activities under Literacy Club:

  • Calligraphy & Dictation Competition
  • Teacher’s Day/ Sanskrit Day
  • Book Fair
  • Poetry Recitation
  • Rally- Human Rights Day
  • Story Telling Competition
  • Essay Writing Competition
  • Debate/ Declamation Competition

Eco Club

The Eco Club aims at making us aware about the environment, growing more trees and developing innovative thinking. Students also learn gardening and plantation skills.

Sport Club

The Sports Club aims at enhancing the fitness level of the students. Students are prepared for various inter-house and inter-school sports events. Activities Under Sports Club:

  • Badminton Competition
  • Kho-kho Competition
  • Table Tennis Competition
  • Indoor Games: Carom Competition

G.K. Club

The Club aims to acquaint students with the latest happenings and developments and to improve the students’ general knowledge. The club organises different competitions and quizzes and helps student participate in inter-school competitions e.g. “Bharat Ko Jano.” Activities under G.K Club

  • Inter House Science & Technology Quiz
  • Distt. Level G.K.Quiz - Bharat Ko Jano
  • Inter House G.K. Quiz
  • G.k. Quiz on Guru Nanak JI

Art & Craft Club

The Art and Craft Club helps students to see everything with a fresh eye and develop their artistic skills. Activities under Art & Craft Club

  • Class Room decoration competition
  • Greeting Card Making Competition
  • Clay Modeling Competition
  • National Painting Comp Bal Bhawan
  • Rakhi Making/ Rakhi Drawing Competition
  • Best out of waste Competition


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