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Workshop on Pottery by Times NIE

(August 8, 2018)

Times of India in Education organized a pottery workshop at Darshan Academy Pune. Mr. Dnyaneshwar Shinde, a potter with 20 years of experience, was invited to teach the art of pottery to the children. Making vases, pots and other clay items requires a great deal of patience and effort. Students had a chance to experiment in making vases and pots. They enjoyed exploring their creative talents to the fullest.

Inauguration of new Art and Craft Room, Social Science Lab and Art Exhibition

(August 8, 2018)

An Art and Craft exhibition was organized in Darshan Academy Pune in the new Art and Craft room on 21July, 2018. Mrs. Rangoli Saxena, Principal, inaugurated the new Art and Craft Room by lighting a lamp. It was Ms. Rashmi hard work, creativity, and efforts with a group of students that made the program and presentation artistic. The beautiful paintings and art work were mesmerizing and showcased the students’ talent. Various artistic creations were on display. The program received an overwhelming response both by the children as well as from parents. On the same day the new Social Science Laboratory was also inaugurated. Various kinds of equipment and models are kept in the lab to enhance the teaching-learning process.

Young Peacemakers celebrate Special Week

(August 8, 2018)

Human Unity & Peace Week is organized every year at Darshan Academy, Pune,to highlight the importance of peace in today’s world. Many activities were conducted during the week including special assemblies in which student recited poems, shared stories and sang songs on Peace and Unity. Students participated in a peace rally on July 24th. The onlookers appreciated the involvement of school students in carrying out a peace rally and spreading such important messages. Mr. Agarwal and Mr. Kundnani from the Management Committee and Mrs. Rangoli Saxena, Principal, supported the efforts of promoting a harmonious and peaceful society through the rally and activities.

Paint a Rainbow in Your Heart for Peace and Unity

(August 8, 2018)

“Paint a rainbow of love in your heart for peace and unity” were words reflected in a kaleidoscope of activities during Hazur Week of Human Unity and Peace. Darshan Academy, Lucknow held many competitions and activities including a bhajan competition, story-telling competition, poster making competition, and science and spiritual quizzes. During the special assembly students sang various spiritual songs. Mrs. Garima Dhillon, Headmistress, encouraged the students to be ambassadors of unity and peace to bring about change in the world.

Rhyme Competition & Rain Dance Bonanza

(August 8, 2018)

A Rhyme Recitation Competition was held at Darshan Academy Pune on 2 July, 2018 to develop communication skills and boost confidence. It was a wonderful experience to watch Kindergarten children recite poems with their colorful props on the stage with voice modulation and body actions. Nursery to Grade 2 DA Pune Students enjoyed a rumbling Rain Dance Bonanza. Children experienced the joy of having fun in the rain in their raincoats. The multi-hued umbrellas and the bright eyed, smiling faces of the children infused the atmosphere with energy and fun. Students found the twisting and shaking to the energetic music beats amusing. Back in the classes children engaged in activities related to the monsoon season. They learned new vocabulary and enjoyed art craft activities to help them learn more about this season.

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